Get Over IT! Social @Work is Smart (and Inevitable)

Social Media Collective

Practically everyone uses social media, and most workers use them at work. In fact, as a Microsoft study revealed this week, 84 percent of information workers use non-work social networks, and 60 percent of them use them from work at least once a day.

At the same time, the survey found that more than 30 percent of workers said their employers have policies or technologies in place to stop them from doing so. When at work, it seems, workers are expected to work.

Makes sense, right? What else should we be doing at work besides work? And surely social media distracts from work.

But look a little deeper and there are some real problems with this attitude. First of all, we’re starting to understand the very premise – that social media usage inhibits productivity – is a myth. A forthcoming, two-year longitudinal study titled Exploring social network interactions in enterprise…

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I'm an operations research enthusiast, PHD student in applied mathematics at Polytechnique Montreal, track and field athlete, outdoors fanatic, sometimes hyperactive. I also optimize life using maths on

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